" We couldn't afford the recommended surgery for our dog. Missi was referred by our veterinarian and she came to our house.  A plan was developed for him as well as us! With daily exercise and massage, we noticed an improvement right away.  Within 2 months, he was climbing stairs.  Within 6 months, he was off all medications. A short while later we had our Quinnie back!  We genuinely thank Missi for her expertise, love,and kindness and have no hesitation in recommending her." ~ Pam and Dave

"Bernie , Our Newfie X was having problems with his back legs.  Age was catching up with him and we wanted to help him feel better with out increasing medications. Missi started working with Bernie in our home and within one month, we noticed a difference. Between the laser therapy, and massage, Bernie has started walking better, and you can tell he feels better. We have a happier and more active dog!! Thank you Missi for giving Bernie back some of his youthfulness." ~ Carol and Tony

" When our golden retriever Elmer was apx 1 yr old, he underwent elbow surgery on both elbows due to severe genetic dysplasia.  Before his 3rd birthday, he was back at MSU for ruptured ACL in each knee. Obviously, having invasive surgery on all 4 limbs inside a couple years was traumatic for all of us! We are so blessed to have Missi! She was engaged from the beginning and the results of her work have been outstanding! She is loving knowledgeable, informative and compassionate. We can't imagine how we would have navigated through all of Elmer's issues with out our sweet, caring Missi."~ Bob and Lisa

"My 15 year old Jack Russell loves Missi. He has severe arthritis and a heart condition.  With Missi's help, he's still moving pretty well and acting like a younger dog.  When Missi arrives at the door, Talk dances and barks (of course, the treats help!) The stimulation (physical and social) is great for him.  Missi keeps him moving and, I'm convinced she has added quality of life to his remaining years. ~ Winnie

" Our experience with Missi and her work with Brodie was very positive.  Brodie showed a marked improvement and continues to build strength in the areas addressed.  Missi is professional and earned Brodie's trust on day one!" ~ Susan and Van Wilson

"I am very grateful for Missi for her help with my dog, Monkey.  Missi aided the doctor in assessing the issue and designed a program of homework for me and Monkey that enabled me to help him strengthen his weaker muscles and stretch some tight ones that were restricting movement.  Missi confident and friendly and is very good at communicating with animals and humans.  Since she comes to my house, she brings props with her and is very creative that way. With her clear advice, I was able create props using things that I already had or from the dollar store.  The benefits after the sessions were completed include; I can recognize when Monkey needs help, I can give an effective massage, I can keep him healthier with a series of exercises, and he is much more responsive to my other commands.  Working with Missi has been a great experience!" ~ Jane and Monkey

" After an aggressive surgery (part of a lung removed), I found muscles in Vinnie's spine and hip region had suffered as a result from positioning during the surgery. He had also experienced some muscle atrophy from post operative exercise limitations. Missi came highly recommended by vets, trainers, and friends. Each visit, she came armed with love (and good treats) and shared each with not only one, but up to 5 goldens!  Her exercise worksheets were a blessing and the follow up phone calls were always welcome. Never once did she mind questions or taking additional time to explain things.  She is knowledgeable, professional, and personable to boot! ". ~Amy and Vinnie